Defend (more than just) yourself

The year is 2014 and hacks, exploits and general mischievery abound. We are cramming our lives full of more and more devices connected to the internet and using more and more online services. And all of it is leaking information about our lives all over the floor.

We all need to cut ourselves off from the web. Right now.

Or, on the less extreme end, everybody needs to be a little more cautious about how they use the web.

Easier said than done. And you and I, dear reader, are not everyone. We are (probably, if you’re reading this) developers of software. Those systems that people use. Those systems that have a propensity for data dribblage.

So, we’re going to explore how we might plug up some of those holes. We owe it to everyone who uses our software.

We’re embarking on a series of posts outlining how to demonstrate and defend against some common attacks. We’ll start with the (hopefully) well known OWASP top ten.

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